About Beaches of Itanos

The municipality of Itanos offers some of the most picturesque and clean beaches in the world.

There are those beaches that combine the peacefulness with small scenic fish taverns where after a good swim you can enjoy the nonchalant sunset with snacks and a drink or with a Greek coffee.

You can also fish, practise water sports or simply relax and enjoy nature and the delicious Cretan Food.The most important beaches of the municipality of Itanos from North to South are the following:


Itanos (Erimoupoli) it consists of three smaller picturesque beaches. The ruins of the ancient city of Itanos can be found here, part of which is sunk in the sea. It is a lee area, 9 km from Palekastro.
Vai, It is situated only 1 km south of Itanos, in a valley that ends in a breathtaking sandy beach. Every year the beach of Vai is awarded with the “Blue Flag” confirming that it is one of the best organised and clean beaches of Greece. But Vai deserves the attention! It offers a variety of water sports, restaurants, cafes etc.

Maridati, Is a small scenic beach with one restaurant. Here you may relax and admire the sea view.

Kouremenos, Is a long sandy beach near Palekastro (1.5km). Along the beach, there are apartments to rent, restaurants and a small fishing harbour.

Around the Palekastro area, the “MeItemi” wind increases its strength through the local thermal and funnelling effect that gives the surface wind an additional 2 Beaufort. This makes Kouremenos bay one of the most winds-certain spots in Europe with wind statistics of 20-28 wind days per month from April to October.

For those interested, somewhere in the middle of Kouremenos beach, a Windsurf station, the only fully equipped one on Crete, and its teaching team, is there to teach, equip or just instruct on new freestyle moves.

Chiona, Is an ideal beach for the whole family. It is situated only 1.5 km from Palekastro, at close proximity to the small village of “Agathias”. There are three restaurants serving fresh fish by the beach. You may visit the archaeological site still under excavation by British archaeologists. According to them, there is strong evidence for the existence of a Minoan Palace.

Karoumes, A solitary beach ideal for those who love walking since it is situated at the end of the gorge in Chochlakies.

Kato Zakros. Not only will you enjoy the sea and the local cuisine in the restaurants by the beach, but you will definitely appreciate a quite stay in the accommodation provided. There are taverns along the beach with fresh fish and there are rooms to rent though they can get scarce in the mid summer. Beyond Zakros the pavement ends but if you are adventurous don’t let that stop you.

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