About Crete Tradition & Culture

The Sitia town and the tourist developed areas live in the rhythms of a modern cosmopolitan life.

Next to this modern everyday reality coexist in a way all the features that define the cultural character of the Cretan folk tradition.

For these material and intellectual features, the manners and customs, the ancient habits the vigorous local folk tradition gains distinction as an inexhaustible contemporary cultural entity.

This modern folk culture, the continuity of a long and rich Cretan tradition, finds its expression in the innumerable celebrations and festivities where ancient features and attitudes survive up to this day.

There the variety of music and the literal folk tradition is revealed. In every popular festival you will experience unknown emotions by taking part or watching the ancient local dances, the different kinds of live music, the Sitian “kontilies” (the mastery of the lyre) and “mantinades” the old or improvised folk Cretan couplets, traditions in which Sitians the born revellers are unrivalled.

Usually simple or casual meetings of locals or foreigners turn out to become a party.

In autumn the “kazanemata” the very old process has become very attractive to the Europeans the last few years, ends up to be a modern Dionysian feast.

The characteristics and the rhythm of life that are impressed upon the fortunate travellers on the long lived Cretan land survive above all in the simple daily joys and habits.

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