About Eastern Crete Rural Life

As rich and beautiful the nature in Sitia district is so interesting and alive is the rural life there.

The grounds of Sitia, the plains, the valleys the hills and the feet of the mountains are cultivated.

While the rest of the land, the mountainsides the holly and olive tree forests the acres covered with prickly brooms, sage, thyme and other aromatic plants offer lodging and food to many free-range flocks of sheep and goats.

natureFurthermore near the biotopes which are suitable for shrubs and wild flowers, “clusters” of bee hives the so called “bee gardens” are placed. The majority of the population in the province are farmers.

Olive-growers, vine-growers, vegetable growers in greenhouses or outdoor, cattle-breeders, bee-keepers while in the villages along the coast are the fishermen.

The visitor in the province will be delighted to find nice pictures of rural life which may be primitive and moving: Old people who insist oil using old methods for example olive-harvest with a stick the so called “katsouna” vine-harvest with the basket, digging with a mattock, sheep shearing and milking, going fishing with the boat and the fishing-nets, transportation with donkeys, and so many other activities that tend to disappear quickly due to the modernization and the mechanization of farming.

In Sitia district the traditional and the modem coexist not only in the farming but in any sector in a harmonious and impressive way most of the times.

aspros-potamosA typical example is the harmonious coexistence on the Chandra Plateau where old windmills are used to draw water for watering while the modern wind generators are producing electricity out of wind power.

You can see clusters of those generators, the so called wind parks, in other places of this district as well for example near the villages Achladia, Xerolimni and Palekastro.

These modern windmills strike a different note in the mountain scenery and “stand for” the ecological landscape.

Due to these pioneer wind parks that have caught the European attention, Crete is the first island in the world to have recovered mild renewable energy sources.

The rural landscape of Sitia district is marked by the predominance of the olive trees. The visitor can see everywhere the holy tree of Athena with the silver -green leaves standing there playing with the wind and receiving in rest the hot sun rays, transforming its juice to the magical elixir of life and health, the olive oil.

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