About Museums Eastern Crete

The long archaeological and historical research at the Sitia area has brought to light rare and valuable finds and information of all civilizations from the Neolithic Age and the Minoan period to the New Age.

The civilizations that have flourished the grounds of Sitia, one of the richest areas in archaeological sites internationally have bequeathed us magnificent samples of material and intellectual wealth that are exhibited in the district Museums and Collections.

One of the most important Cretan Museums is located in the Sitia town. In the town’s archaeological museum are placed important finds of Minoan Civilization and other archaic Cretan civilizations.

Unique exhibits of the excavations in Zakros, Mochlos, Psira, Palekastro, Itanos, Agia Fotia and other significant Minoan hubs in central Crete present a new experience for the visitor.

Many of the exhibits refer to the olive, the vine cutlery, fishing bee- keeping as to other sectors of rural activity.

In spaces fit out for exhibitions you find items that represent the Cretan folk culture and the rural and pastoral life.

Three kilometers in the east of Sitia next to the Road to Toplou – Vai is built by the Sitia touring Club, a large and well equipped Centre of Traditional Culture with Folklore Collections, Art Workshops, show rooms – selling points- rooms for trying local products, cinemas, multiple purpose halls, exhibition halls etc.

The Folklore Museum of Sitia was founded in 1975 by the educational and cultural association “Vintsenzos Kornaros”. It contains many important folklore exhibits; Embroideries, Woven, Furniture, Handiworks, Costumes, Kitchenware, Pots, Icons, Loom room.

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