About Sitia Town

A journey to Sitia is a pilgrimage, to the springs of the European civilization!

The Minoan civilization, as known, is the first high level civilization on European ground and you find the first hubs and harbors of this civilization here at the Eastern Crete in Zakros and Palekastro in Mochlos and Psira.

Many charming and ancient myths take reference on these places.

Nowhere else in the world the Nature and the Myth match so well together. It is remarkable that the habits and rituals of worship, the myths and the legends survive even today in some villages of Sitia.

The Sitia town is ideal for everyday pleasures at places where the modern culture is best revealed. On the beaches and on the squares, in shops and in taverns, the visitor will find out that Sitia is a vivid town with many alternatives.

The intense night life is combined with cultural events throughout the year that reach their hottest part in the summer where selected music, theatre and dance events are performed.

Those who explore the area will find that eastern Crete has remained the most unspoiled area of Crete, the extreme eastern coast being the most wild and beautiful on the island.

The town was rebuilt amphitheatrically in the corner of the bay of Sitia in 1870; having been previously destroyed by earthquakes and pirates. There are 45 villages to discover in the area of Sitia, a region renowned for its hospitality.

For the walker, the hills are covered with aromatic plants and hundreds of beautiful flowers, especially in the springtime.

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