About Sitia Town

A journey to Sitia is a pilgrimage, to the springs of the European civilization!

The Minoan civilization, as known, is the first high level civilization on European ground and you find the first hubs and harbors of this civilization here at the Eastern Crete in Zakros and Palekastro in Mochlos and Psira.

Many charming and ancient myths take reference on these places.

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Caves of East Crete


The cave is located north-east of the sea of Kato Zakros between Karoumes and Kato Zakros beach.

You can reach it after an hour’s journey from Kato Zakros by motorboat and a trek uphill. The mouth of the cave is located at a height of 105m above sea level.

You will see stalactites and stalagmites in wonderful shapes along the path inside the cave. However, you need to be careful because there are some difficult spots to cross in your exploration!

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Free Climbing Routes at Kato Zakros

The Itanos Municipal Enterprise has marked free climbing routes at the gorge of Kato Zakros, accessible all year round.

The alternative vacation proposition, for those looking for extreme fun! All routes are covered and offer pleasurable, safe climbing.

You will find many routes, suited to all levels and abilities and suitable for all tastes.

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Paths and Trekking


The gorges and trekking routes in the area each have their special traits and beauties.

The first gorge that you can easily walk through is the famous gorge of Kato Zakros, also known as “Gorge of the Dead”. Its name derives from the Minoan tombs found on its vertical slopes, inside caves.

The path upwards toward Zakros will take you a couple of hours to walk, underneath trees and sheer cliffs, among wild herbs, overwhelming smells and sounds that shall linger in your memory long after you’ve left the place.

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About Eastern Crete

The eastern corner of Crete is known as being the most unspoilt area of the island. It has a great deal more to offer than “sun, sea and sand”, it offers a real insight into the way the Cretan people live. It is therefore ideal for the individual traveller.

Eastern Crete is one of the safest areas in the world, the criminality rate has always been particularly low, almost naught. The experts claim that here you should search for the different, calm and smiley landscape of eastern Crete!

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